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Now ,engage your kids in playing with something magical!!.Introducing Exocar ,a gesture controlled toy car that can be operated by the gesture of your hands and fingers.

Unlike any other toy car,Exocar come with a combination of hand-held remote and one gesture remote controller.With multi color LEDs, inbuilt speakers and volume control buttons playing with it is so much fun.

Equipped with a powerful motor and unique wheel design it can run at aspeed of  25km/ph any desired direction or surface no matter ,if its plain ,sandy or rocky. The toy car and the gesture remote can be charged with seperate charging cable ( included) so you don't have  to worry about changing the batteries all the time.

both kids and adult can enjoy it. So ,if  you are looking for a perfect kids for your loved ones. Exocar is the thing for you!!


Dual Race Modes- Exocar offers two driving modes.Rugged mode and Sport mode .In rugged mode the body of car is raised little, perfect for off roading and uneven surface . In sports mode the body is lowered back to normal, ideal for even and flat surface .

Simple Hand Gestures -The revolutionary design of this RC car wheel allows on omnidirectional movements with a number of axlesaround the wheel .Even if it hits the rock or wall and get flipped over, it can continue running  without any problem due to its double side drive.

Powerful and Programmable-Due to its strong and flrxible chassis.Exocar can climb slanted height of 45degree. It is also programmable 

Single Click Switching -To move Exocar in any direction simply tilt your hand in specific direction .It can also diagonally if the gesture is neat ,a few hours are enough to learn .If you move your hand in circle ,the car will start to spin at its spot.

JDL 473198  watch Gesture sensing control toy 2-sided stunt high speed Drift universal wheel car toy

Premium Quality-Made with high grade ABS and PVC material .Exocar ensure sturdiness and durability .With a wear resistant and shock proof design, there is nothing to worry about accidental bumps or drops.

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